Vinyl Deck Membrane

This is an easy to clean deck membrane that wears extremely well and will not chip, peel or crack.  The surface has an embossed pattern which offers excellent non-skid properties even when the surface is wet.

Decks are for walking on, even with bare feet; dek-master vinyl’s embossed, textured surface and reflective colour pattern, make it only slightly warmer than the air temperature under direct sunlight.

Dek-Master vinyls are highly fade resistant to UV light and offer excellent colour fastness to keep that new appearance longer!

PVC vinyl has properties that resist mildew and rot, mild acids and alkaline spills, and successfully repels most stain causing products.

This product is ideal for;

  • Wooden, concrete or metal decks and walkways
  • Conservatories
  • Wet rooms requiring a non slip surface


APP Modified Bitumen Membrane

bituFLAME is an APP-modified bitumen membrane reinforced with 180 gsm non-woven polyester fabric. bituFLAME has good flexibility at both high and low temperatures.

The bituFLAME® membrane system is comprised of a full range of torch-on membranes used in a wide range of waterproofing applications.  The bituFLAME® system may be fully torched, mechanically fixed or cold-applied using a bitumen adhesive depending on the performance required.

This product is ideal for;

  • Flat roofs and gutters
  • Below ground tanking
  • Decks and balconies
  • Podiums, car-decks and ramps
  • Watertanks and water features


Liquid Membranes

Waterproofing Systems has a variety of liquid membranes in its duro™ range.  These membranes are an environmentally safe choice as they are free of solvents and toxins, dangerous odours, and are non-flammable.  The finished membrane has excellent flexibility and elastomeric properties which accommodates normal substrate movement.  duroSET® and duroQIK® membranes are suitable to be tiled directly over with suitable tile adhesives. 

These membranes are able to be used in a variety of internal and external waterproofing applications.

This product is ideal for;

  • Internal wet areas
  • Below tile waterproofing
  • Decks and balconies
  • Podiums
  • Exterior acrylic coatings


EPDM Membrane


The epiROOF® system is a fully bonded rubber membrane applied over concrete, steel, fibre cement boards or construction plywood substrates.

EPDM membranes have over 40 years of extensive use internationally. EPDM is regarded as one of the most durable membranes available. Furthermore, EPDM typically demonstrates a much higher elongation after ageing than other membranes. This is particularly important when working on timber substrates which are prone to movement.

This product is ideal for;

  • Low pitch roofing
  • External decks and blaconies
  • Ponds and waterfeatures
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