Water proofing problem?

We can help you!

We specialise in consulting advocacy and building advisory with many years of experience in producing high quality results.

We have assisted many people obtain Code of Compliance for works that were carried out without consent or the consent has well expired.

We have the right people in place who are qualified to bring the issues together, to process, and gain the right results.

The interesting fact is that you are not alone in this issue. Almost 6000 homes in Auckland are affected by this issue.

The list of questions you will have is long. Regrettably the answers are not always a single sentence.

Getting the best results is always the best goal.

Everything is possible and we can do it!

Having non approved work will either affect your sale price or cause after sales issues. When you leave your home, be sure that you leave it for good!

Never leave things to the last minute when you are needing your Real Estate Agent to get your house sold.

Having your house in order is critical. It is often your largest asset and needs protecting!!
Resolving Issues
Professional Waterproofing, Leak and Code of Compliance Issues.

Need to sell your house and work has been carried out that should’ve had ‘Code of Compliance’!

Types of questions often asked:

  • Is it too late to rectify with local Council?
  • How do I go about sorting these issues so I can sell my house?
  • How do I know that my house alterations need to be issued with a ‘Code of Compliance’?
  • Can I sell without sorting these problems?
  • What do I need to assist getting ‘Code of Compliance’?
  • What issues may we encounter?
  • Does it affect my insurance?
  • Will it improve my ability to sell?
  • Do I need to alter or modify what has been done?
  • What information does one need to provide to complete ‘Code of Compliance’ eg. photo’s, warranties etc.
  • How long does the process take?
  • What will the cost be?


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PW Systems Ltd is the NZ importer and distributor of Duradek Membranes.
We also specialise in Consulting Advocacy and Building Advisory.
We distribute product to Duradek trained applicators only. If you are interested in training and becoming an applicator – Contact Us!

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We offer plumbing services and solutions for every type of issue – from common clogs to a full mainline replacement.
Professional plumbing services are combined with reasonable prices.

What Our Clients Say

We would not hesitate in recommending ‘Deckmaster NZ’ for any waterproofing situations. The management’s main priority and objective is for customer satisfaction & guaranteed workmanship. We have worked with this company on two previous occasions and they’ve been brilliant. My wife and I were very satisfied with the Deckmaster NZ team. We’re so happy with the result achieved. It is truly impressive, no more leaking!




A trusted friend from the building trade recommended I contact Terry at Deckmaster NZ. Terry arrived to my home promptly and carried out a thorough inspection. The team were very professional removing the old product and laying the new. The end product is very satisfying and I love the color. Top quality vinyl covering – beautifully installed and sealed. I cannot recommend Deckmaster NZ highly enough.




To be upfront, I had no idea the deck was leaking until the leak was visibly seen. Having a leaking deck causes so many inconveniences, but your company was a real savior! Thank you for your fast assistance!