If you have a leak, there’s no temporary fix until you’ve actually stopped it!! Water penetrating into a building is easy, compared to ‘the keeping water out’.
Waterproofing has the best results performing from the exterior, rather than trying to waterproof the interior.
While you sleep the water will seep building up causing dampness, mould, fungal spores and possible timber decay.
Be sure to protect your asset with a suitable system to prevent damage and financial loss.
We highly recommend a technical check-up every 1 – 2 years to ensure your home is leak proof. Keeping a family dry by avoiding harmful health issues further down the track when damp or leaking takes hold in your home, is worth the small investment.
Investing short term reduces the long term expense and when selling your home, you know your asset has been protected along with your family. You can get the price you want as you’ve maintained it to the high standard it deserves.
Waterproofing is important in New Zealand due to the high levels of annual rainfall the country experiences. The harsh elements are continuous and over a long term period can produce harsh deterioration quite quickly. Hearing the words, our property has never leaked, is a statement we hear often and once the property is inspected, when a leak is found, the property owner is usually quite alarmed. Waterproofing is essential and incredibly important to protect your property. Never skimp or your house repair expense will skimp you.

After a technical assessor has been to checklist your property, the best waterproof solution system will be advised. There are several waterproofing systems available and the correct one will be offered depending on what has to be corrected on your property. We specialise in membranes and they last for a much longer time period.