When it comes to waterproofing, it’s all in the installation details…

Important considerations the builder needs to know for preparation before the Duradek PVC Vinyl installation.

Substrate; be sure that the substrate is nogged correctly and has no timber decay.
The better the subsurface, the better outdoor flooring finish we can give you.

Timber Substrate; H3.1 plywood is to be used. Plywood is to be laid with staggered joints.

Concrete; Concrete substrate should be prepared to a smooth level and is commonly carried out with a steel trowel for best results.
For the best product performance and enjoyment of your vinyl deck surface, the deck subsurface should be sloped (ideally 2%) to eliminate ponding water. If puddling were to occur, the area would require more regular cleaning due to the build-up of dirt and pollutants. Ponding water will not affect the waterproofing of the vinyl but may eventually cause premature discoloration in the vinyl deck covering.
All penetrations (posts, pillars) must be sealed to prevent water from entering under the vinyl.
Vinyl will resist most staining materials, but some do cause problems. Exterior oil based stains, any tar or bitumen based product, fresh cedar, and some pressure treated lumber may permanently stain the vinyl.
The strength of the Duradek system is the method we use to weld the vinyl sheets together.
If hand-rails are to be installed on the vinyl surface, try to mount them so they do not penetrate the membrane.
The cost comes down to what is required with the severity of the problem. Please contact us for a chat about what the problem is. We’ll then gather the required information and present you with a following quote.

A deck waterproofing  installation can typically take minimum 1 day to several weeks pending what the project requires.