Technical Check Out

Have you thought about doing a waterproof technical checklist around your home to ensure it doesn’t have sneaky leaks?
Top fixings with handrails, plaster handrails with no metal capping, butynol, TPO, vinyl seams that could be lifting, gutters cleared, sufficient fall on the deck, planters on pedestals to drain properly, cracked tiles?? These are all small technical things that need to be checked regularly, that could save your pocket in the long run.
PW Systems Limited has a consultancy and building advisory – not only do they do technical house check-ups, they also prepare houses that don’t have ‘Code of Compliance’.
Once an appointment is made, it generally takes approximately 1 hour for the inspection. Following on, a report is written out to advise the findings.
Yes! You do get the paperwork to submit to council or we can have a team member do this on your behalf, although there are costs involved.