Project – Bucklands Beach

Homes near the seawater can have a higher maintenance level due to the natural elements. This home had living quarters below and to avoid top fixed post penetrations which can lead to water ingress from the moment of membrane penetration takes place, a new design was created for the handrail to be face fixed while still utilising the existing frames posts and rails. New glass was installed and brought up to safety standards.

Having professionals create a system with Deckmasters’ in house engineer saved us a lot of unnecessary worry waiting on third parties. Every detail was thought out and the end result had a great finish. A completed project we were proud to be involved with. Our house looks fabulous! 

Home Owner Bucklands Beach

There were many things to consider during the process. Although the pattern and colour were important, blending the old design with new design features without having a major overhaul renovation took great consideration. The thought processes to get it right the first time were very important to our client.

  • The colour chosen was Duradek Ultra Supreme Chip Sonoma.


Duradek membranes have been in existence for approximately 45 years in Canada. This membrane system has proven to be a very reliable solution for the New Zealand market.

Finding The Right Approved Applicator

Our products are not available for a DIY install. All the products used are part of a system. As an example, our glue cannot be substituted for an everyday adhesive found in a department store – it has been specifically formulated for its intended purpose to partner with the membrane it was designed for.

It is highly recommended when having a new waterproof membrane installed, it is completed by an approved applicator. An approved applicator who has had the required training in the system they are installing. Deckmaster NZ is part of the Waterproofing Membrane Association and we are a Licensed Building Practitioner.