Project – East Auckland

Removing the tiles from this deck was a preventative measure to avoid possible future leaking. The grout was loose and started to crack. Much research was done by the client and the final decision became easy after seeing the patterns and colours. Installing Duradek PVC Trafficable membrane added style to the final project outcome.

East Auckland Clients.


Finding The Right Pattern and Colour

All Duradek PVC Vinyls are slip resistant. There are a minimum of 20 patterns and colours to choose from.

Our products are not available for a DIY install. All the products used are part of a system. As an example, our glue cannot be substituted for an everyday adhesive found in a department store – it has been specifically formulated for its intended purpose to partner with the membrane it was designed for.

It is highly recommended when having a new waterproof membrane installed, it is completed by an approved applicator. An approved applicator who has had the required training in the system they are installing. Deckmaster NZ is part of the Waterproofing Membrane Association and we are a Licensed Building Practitioner. Deckmaster NZ has their own in house Engineer available to design project customised requirements.